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Murcury Hammered Heart Medium Candle Holder


This medium-sized hammered heart candle holder is part of a fantastic collection of wholesale Christmas decorations. It has a mercury finish.
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Additional Info

Introducing the Murcury Hammered Heart Medium Candle Holder from Shabby Chic Accessories. This beautifully crafted item offers a unique aesthetic addition to any home decor, making for an excellent accessory during the festive Christmas season. This medium-sized candle holder embodies the shape of a heart, portraying a delicate yet bold statement piece. The quality of the product exudes through its intricate hammered design, offering a charming effect that catches and reflects light brilliantly. Coupled with a flashy mercury finish, this product effectively enhances the ambient mood and settings. The candle holder measures 14L x 14W x 12H, making it versatile for any home or office space. Get your Murcury Hammered Heart Medium Candle Holder today and elevate your festive decor with Shabby Chic Accessories.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 12 cm

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