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Shabby chic Story


Home is where your memories are made. We want to help you customise your space with a range of products that will delight and inspire every day. Start by dressing up any room in the house with vintage-inspired furniture, then decide on the finishing touches like plates and placemats or give old wooden drawers some chic flair - it's up to you! Add some shabby chic accessories to make your house a home.

Who We Are

Shabby chic accessories was created out of a need. My need, I started this journey years ago when I was searching for a style I could use for my new home.

I had real trouble finding exactly the type of accessories I really wanted, a fusion of shabby chic, vintage and stylish Brocante which started me on a quest to find out how I could lay my hand on them, which, after much searching, I eventually did.

During the journey I found other homemakers were looking for the same type of things as I was, and having similar issues, so I thought I should share them online so we could all benefit.


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Shabby Minimalism

Less is more when you live a minimalist lifestyle, no more so than with Furnishings and living areas. Bring a sense of unique identity by adding your own style to Shabby chic with strategically placed items to lift the whole room  
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