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Black Dapple Large Bottle With Stopper
  • Black Dapple Large Bottle With Stopper

Black Dapple Large Bottle With Stopper


Elevate your decor with Shabby Chic Accessories' Black Dapple Large Bottle with Stopper—a magnificent statement piece that marries durability with suave elegance. This top-grade glass bottle showcases a striking dappled design, offering a modern, artistic vibe paired with classic sophistication. Standing at an impressive 47 cm high, it serves as an ideal focal point for dining tables or as a standout accent on kitchen cabinets. The well-fitted stopper is both functional and stylish, preserving the freshness of beverages while the serene black hue casts a soothing atmosphere across the room. Not just appealing to the eye, but also a meaningful gift, this bottle is an embodiment of special, durable, and aesthetically pleasing practicality.
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Additional Info

Introducing our exquisite, striking Black Dapple Large Bottle with Stopper by Shabby Chic Accessories.

This distinctive black bottle with a stopper is carefully crafted from top-grade glass that not only ensures long-lasting service but also adds a suave elegance to your space. The unique charm this piece carries is enhanced by an enchanting dapple design, which seamlessly blends a modern artistic feel with a touch of sophisticated beauty.

It features a substantial size, standing sturdy at 47 cm high, making it an ideal centerpiece for your dining table, kitchen cabinets, or any other visible space. Its well-fitted stopper helps to preserve the freshness of your beloved drinks, while the graceful black hue sets a calming ambiance throughout your space.

The visual appeal of this large bottle with a stopper is instantly captivating, making it a fantastic addition to your home décor. It also makes a perfect gift, ensuring your loved ones receive something special, durable, and beautifully practical.

Features and Benefits:

• Crafted from premium quality glass for prolonged durability.
• Unique black dapple design for an aesthetic appeal.
• Large size (47 cm high) ideal for home décor or a table centerpiece.
• Comes with a well-fitted stopper for preserving the freshness of your drinks.
• Easy to clean and maintain.
• Perfect as a gift to surprise your loved ones.

In summary, this Black Dapple Large Bottle with Stopper from Hill Interiors is not just a household object; it's a piece of art, a décor masterpiece that guarantees long-lasting service, aesthetic allure, and great value for your money. Don't miss out on the opportunity to possess this exclusive item, order yours today!

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 35 cm

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