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Metallic Silver Diamond Pressed Set Of 4 Large Baubles


Elevate your Christmas decor with our set of 4 Metallic Silver Diamond Pressed Large Baubles. Handcrafted and fantastically priced, these baubles feature intricate patterned detailing. Dimensions: 10L x 10W x 10H.
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This set of four Metallic Silver Diamond Pressed Large Baubles is perfect for adding a luxurious touch to your Christmas decor. Highlighting a flawless balance between handcrafted grandeur and affordability, these large-sized baubles exude unmatched elegance and uniqueness.

Exuding a magical metallic silver finish, each bauble is meticulously handcrafted to exhibit intricate patterned detailing, adding to their visual appeal. Every ornate pattern passionately pressed onto the baubles dazzles with exceptional diamond-like sparkle, making them a noticeable addition to any Christmas tree or festive decoration.

Perfectly sized, each bauble measures 10L x 10W x 10H, making them large enough to stand out and add a special touch to your decoration, but not too large that they overpower other elements of your Christmas decor.

Whether displayed on your Christmas tree, amidst other tabletop decorations or presented as a thoughtful festive gift, these Metallic Silver Diamond Pressed Large Baubles are guaranteed to bring seasonal glam and sparkle to any setting. Add a pinch of festive charm and sophisticated glamour to your home this Christmas with our captivating set of Metallic Silver Diamond Pressed Large Baubles.

Additional information

Weight 0.61 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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